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Do I Need a Clamp Here ?


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The project Polaris '74tii is off at a shop getting some welding done, so the keeper Verona '73tii finally got some time up on the jack stands while its new shoes (MIchelin XASs - I'm so pumped) are being mounted.  I took a crawl underneath to check on things, and was wondering if there needs to be a hose clamp on the hydraulic clutch line where it feeds the transmission (if that is actually what I'm looking at here).


Second photo is the area in question - the pertinent hose is question is at the bottom of the photo.  The third photo is where it exits the clutch cylinder.  


I'm guessing I need a clamp there.  Seems simple enough, slip off the hose, put a clamp on, then reattach and tighten the clamp.  Where though I'm a refilling fluid if I happen to spill a bunch on the floor?







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It would seem unlikely that someone would have installed a hose with push on ends in this application, like the brakes, the clutch MC would produce 100's of psi pressure and therefore anything other than correctly made, crimped hoses would have flown off long ago. I think it may be the style of hose and it just looks like it needs hose clamps. 


If you are really concerned then I would replace the whole hose. You will then need to bleed the clutch but this is pretty straightforward if you have a helper or the right tools. 

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Here a clamp, there a clamp, everywhere a clamp  ee i ee i oh   But not on the clutch hose, the only clamp on the speedo cable is at the pedal box where it passes over it, there are 2 tabs that bend over the cable and hold it in place.     You know, a lot of these questions can be answered with a little due diligence on realoem or by looking at pictures of people doing restos or by the search  button, everyone's friend

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13 minutes ago, Simeon said:

You will then need to bleed the clutch but this is pretty straightforward if you have a helper or the right tools


gravity is my helper.

it is bleeding as we speak.

I keep a large baking sheet under my puddle box.

the hard part for me is making the master stop bleeding!

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