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Hose Break


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Newbie here...


Looking for tips on fixing a hose break.  Seems like a simple fix.  Any thoughts on how to easily remove the broken hose ends? I'm thinking about slowly, carefully cutting them off with an exacto.  Also...Would a local auto parts store carry this type of hose?  I noticed that its stiffer than typical. 






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Yep, careful exacto work does it.

Make sure you cut around, not along- that way,

if you score the barbed fitting underneath, you

won't create a path for oil to leak.


It's at engine oil pressure, (not the 500 psi of the kfish)

so anything nylon hydraulic

will work, if you have a hydraulics place near you.  Take

an end, they'll know what to get you.




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I had that happen way back.  The local BMW dealer wanted a million bucks, if he could even find one.  So I bought a steel brake line from Pep Boys.  I cut & bent it to fit.  I JB Weld'ed the fittings into each end of the line.  I installed it.  Worked just fine for 20+ years.  Picture below (red arrow).


Below is a picture in my notes of the BMW part.






oil_line to KF_my repair.jpg

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