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Spark plug wire routing


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I'm far from actually doing anything about this, but thought it would be good to ask about spark plug wire routing and invite images and solutions.  In my "before picture" 2002, the "Bavarian Motorsports" plug wires that the PO installed are relatively short and fairly stiff.  They just hang down on their way to the distributor.  




But I have seen many examples of spark plug wire routing that involve tubes, clips, wire-holding combs, etc.  


Here are a couple of images I snagged to demonstrate.  These images are not mine....  






Of those two images, I like the top "comb" solution (what do you call those things?...) because the wires can easily be moved or removed without much fuss. 



Now, it probably follows that many 2002 owners don't need spark plug wire routing because their plug wires are the correct length and the heat shield on the stock manifold protects them.  I am considering using a gasket with an integrated heat shield for the header I'm about to install, but I still like the idea of routing the wires away from all that heat.  And I'm thinking that many of the aftermarket plug wires available for this car are a little longer.   


If you are using some kind of wire management for your car, what is it and how do you like it?   Post a picture if you have one and, very important, let us know where you got the wire management parts you used.  



















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Dead stock on my ‘76 49-State:  first two photos are from August 1983, third and fourth photos are from 2015 (cables have been replaced but the brackets and blue “conduit” are original).  The fifth photo is a factory photo of a 1971 Euro-spec tii.


There are some good threads on this subject, with lots of examples, including the plastic tubes (NLA) that a few ‘02’s came with from the factory.  The latter are some of the tidiest versions.











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31 minutes ago, AceAndrew said:

Scott,  there are certainly a number of threads already on this subject.  Here's one such thread to help.


Ah.  Just goes to show you that it helps to use the right term.  I searched on wire routing, not wire loom.   Still, reviving topics like this is usually a good thing.  :-)    



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3 hours ago, Conserv said:

Dead stock on my ‘76 49-State:


Steve, first time I noticed that the coil wire follows the routing as well.  Makes sense with the coil being re-positioned forward.


4 hours ago, Hodgepodge said:

I like the top "comb" solution


Hodgepodge, IMHO simplicity was/is the best.  I fabricated various clamps in the original tradition.  Super easy and the cost of the metal was negligible.  


Valve Cover Clamps3.jpg


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Early cars used these types of holders, 74=76 were the only years that used the blue coverings, they also used a bracket on the back ex side v/c stud that had a square hole with small half round cutouts on each end of the square hole in it that a white plastic spark plug wire holder would fit into.


I am not 100% sure but I believe that the tube style only came on the 75-76 cars


Thanks, Rick

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30 minutes ago, John76 said:

I use the clips...for easy wire removal without disturbing the valve cover nuts.



NIce.  Where did you get them?   That strut tower reinforcement ring looks nice, too.  

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15 minutes ago, stephers said:


...I am not 100% sure but I believe that the tube style only came on the 75-76 cars


Thanks, Rick


The plastic tube style remains a bit of a mystery to me, Rick.  Some e21’s came with the tube and the Euro-spec e21 was introduced in the spring of 1975.  So your 1975-76 supposition absolutely makes sense.


But....I was really plugged into ‘02’s during those years, being an ‘02 owner since 1973 and on my way to the purchase of my ‘76 in 1976, and I cannot say I ever saw a 1975-76 ‘02 with a factory tube installed.  Most were like mine, or roughly thereabouts.


I do recall guys buying e21 tubes and Big Six tubes — the latter which they cut down — and making incredibly tidy installations.  And, given their appearance in the ‘02 parts pages, I absolutely believe some ‘02’s came with the plastic tubes.  But they must have been rare, and I have no sense of whether they appeared randomly or within a few discrete ranges of VIN’s!





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18 minutes ago, John_in_VA said:


I believe those are the aluminum spacers that were originally on top of the strut to raise the front end of the car for bumper height regulations.  They polished up nicely!

Yes sir, you are correct!

I am going to remove mine "when I get to that project" and I always though I had an "original" idea to have them polished or chromed, but it looks like John76 beat me to it.

It is listed as a "washer" as part #8 in the diagram.MTk4NDhfcA==.png

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