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Heater box-heat control lever & cables


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I'm in the process of putting back together my heater box. Of course the control cables were broken, at least on the heat valve and flap side. It was broken when I took it out, so I don't really know how it goes, but I'm guessing.


The pic below shows the issue. You can see I've test fitting some new cable fyi. I'm guessing both these cables attach to the lever that's shown as I can see one broken piece and a small broken nub as well. I pulled the C clip off and it seems both of those wires were embedded somehow into a steel washer and then clipped onto that post. WTH? Was that a single piece of wire that was wound around the post and run back up the other cable? Sure seems that way.


So how do I move forward here? Both these cables need to go on that post, correct? But how does one secure them?


Sorry for such a dumb question but they'll be many many more as I keep going on my project Tii. Thanks



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Yes, thanks. I had read that before I posted of course. I went back again and  had to read through it a few times to catch the part about the double Bowden cable in the comment section. Answers my question, although I'm not happy about it.

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