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WANTED DASH for 1972

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Yes, indeed. all the dashes -- 3-piece with chrome fascia, 3-piece without chrome fascia (U.S.-only beginning late 1967), 2-piece, 1-piece -- can be fitted to all '66 through '76 '02's. There might, however, be some fussing one must do, particularly to accommodate the heater/defroster slide controls, for which the mounting styles change over time.  I can't tell you the ins and outs of this, but I know there are discussions of the topic on this site.  '72's and '73's are identical, both originally taking the 2-piece dash.  My '73 currently wears a 1-piece ('74-'76) dash, but a correctly-dated instrument cluster.  Two-piece dashes in good condition are quite rare, which is why there is a lot of dash swapping!






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