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Crankshaft pulley too long


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A while back I sourced a crankshaft pulley from the wonderful people at 2002AD to replace the one that was worn out for an engine rebuild. After getting it on the car a year later it turns out this pulley is about a half inch longer than the original one which puts it into the fan. I installed an electric fan to bypass this issue but will have the radiator out shortly and thought I would revisit the issue. Its a three belt pulley and I only need the first 2 V-grooves so I'm thinking of pulling it and having a machine shop cut the end off. How can I deal with balance issues as the end has 3 holes drilled in it which were probably for balance.

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I wouldn't worry too much about balance.

(Unless you're planning at running at 7250 for hours.)


The pulley is small, and its mass is close to the center of rotation.


You could try to statically balance it by making a hub with really

precise bearings. but the gains would be tiny.


Honestly, in 15 minutes with a hacksaw and 10 more with a file, I think you'd get

to where you want to be.



kind of a hack

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