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dogleg for sale

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Price: $1800
Location: Romania Bucharest


hello.i have an dogleg for sale. not new. not restored.  .  price is 1800 usd. not big room for negotiation..  if you think price is  high..check e bay or this forum:P   and you will find high prices.  .bell housing i dont know if fits m10.   what you se in pictures is what u get.  other  pictures or movies.just asks. getrag stays in garage








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4 hours ago, kbmb02 said:

Getrag 265 box? (I know nothing about those...)


Getrag 265/5 CR Dogleg most likely.  Should be confirmed with 1 to 1 input/output ratio in 5th gear and the tabs on the upper rear section should have through holes for the bolts to attach the shift platform, not threaded like the OD transmission.  The bell housing appears to be the M10 version as expected on a S14 version of the M3.  Will require transmission tunnel modifications to get it to fit in a 2002.


Here's a good thread outlining how to identify the variations of the Getrag 265.





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my mother is dead dear freude am fahren. maybe your mother will buy the gearbox for u.  or you cant afford to buy it?  and by the way    are a lot of bad people in Romania.. but at least  we dont  start wars  and we dont   kill people for petrol..so think better when u talk bullshits


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PayPal seller's fee is 2.9% of what you received + $0.30 = $52.50 which is a small assurance fee for your asking price and location.

I'm not American and completely impartial to your statement about America but what history thought me is that Romania allied with Hitler and Romanian soldiers massacred over 260,000 innocent and defenceless people and put them in mass graves while the Americans and Allies were getting killed defending the freedom and liberty of the world.

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