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OZ and EXIP cross-spoke Wheels


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I've been looking for the BBS RS001 wheels and even at $2500 a set, they seem to be very, very scarce.  I've asked a couple of wheel builders if they can come up with anything by using a different wheel center and replacing the barrels and lips to get the desired 15x7 25ET size, , but I'm not optimistic.  All of the knock-offs are too wide and I'm not willing to roll the lips of my wheel wells....  So I started looking around and found a couple of interesting wheels in Europe.  One is an OZ and the other is an EXIP.  Both are the correct dimensions and they appear to be more-or-less period correct.  I'm partial to the OZ wheels and have seen a set on a 2002. I know OZ made the Alpina turbines, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these particular wheels. 


(Disregard the deep wheels in the images.  They are not supposed to be the actual wheels.)  Top wheel is Exip.  Bottom is Oz. 








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9 hours ago, rockyford77 said:

Have you looked at the Beyern Mesh.  It comes in a 4x100, 15x7, +27 offset.

I saw those BBS wheels on eBay but they remind me too much of the stock wheels that were on one of my now gone E39 wagons. 



They Beyerin wheels look a lot like the wheels on my two current convertibles.  I think they would look a little out of place on a 2002



I'm looking for something that is fairly unusual and still reasonably period-correct.   The BBS RS wheels are unique because of the 3 piece design and the pins holding them together.  These OZ and EXIP wheels don't look like BBS, but they don't look like stock BMW wheels either.  I've seen them on 2002s and they do look good, though.  :-)  


Has any one on the BB had any trouble with OZ or EXIP wheels?   






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My take....


Wheels that fit a 2002 will be scarce.  The offset was unique and smack dab in the middle of the RWD and FWD offsets.  Thats why aftermarket wheels don't really fit, they were designed for E30s that have more space in the wheel wells and can go 8" widths and/or wider offsets.  Or you will have FWD offsets in the 40s and thats too far inward.  


Now you can buy a set of used BBS RS's and have them refurbished.  




Those are 15x6.5 et 36.  You can use a 5mm spacer in front and a 10mm spacer in the rear and have hem redialed to 4x100 and you have a nice set for about $1500.  


For those redrill purists...even the Clarion Build 2002 had redialed BBS RS's.  


Since we are talking redrilling...you can also go with other bolt patterns and have them modified...


I went that route...80's Mazda BBS wheels redrilled and spacers added for a perfect fit...no rubbing, no fender rolling.  Had the lips polished and I repainted the centers.  Cost me 1/3 of the price of used BBS RS's when all was said and done.





You can also look for 15" Mazda Miata wheels.  They need about 15-20mm spacers and they can be pricey because Miata guys love them...They will look identical to the RX-7 BBS on my car, but will not have to be redrilled.



Also VW BBS RA's can be used pretty easily...Here is an 02 with those.  



Here is a set of 15" Euroweaves for a decent price on R3vlimited....





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OK, well..... update.    


I got a couple of quotes for rebuilt BBS RS001 wheels. $2500-$3k.  Sadly, for me and happily for my paint budget, that's a nope.   Found a good pair of Italian 1-piece BBS knockoffs for $1100.  Eh.  Lots of reasons I didn't choose those but the main reason was that if I damaged one, I would never, ever be able to find a matching replacement.    

JRHone, I opened an account on R3V to PM the seller you linked to above and ended up buying those BMW Euroweaves.  (Thank you much for the link.  Your check is in the mail.)  They come with a set of tires I can use for sizing.  I'll send the wheels off to be reconditioned and they will look like new.   

I ALSO bought the OZ wheels.  Stupid me.  Turns out the guy on Facebook is the same guy I found on eBay. (Powderwheels on FB, wheelsofference on eBay.)   He gave me a good price on the OZ wheels.  I chose the OZ wheels because they have a very flat profile while the Exip wheels have a little bit of a crown to them.  I think the flat profile better matches the slab-side 2002.  


Oh, here is an interesting one for anyone...um...interested.   The Exip wheels have two different profiles even though the width and offset are the same.  Take a look at the picture at the beginning of this thread.  One wheel has a 1 inch depth and the other has a much larger depth.  It is an illusion built into the wheel to make the rear tires look more aggressive. Sounds kind of interesting but it didn't appeal to me.  The seller offered to give me two pairs of matched Exips, but by then I had already decided on the Oz.    


I will stage the car with both wheels to compare the look, clearance and alignment once I get the new suspension finished but probably before paint.   Maybe I'll let YOU GUYS decide which look better.    Here are the wheels I bought. (Not necessarily actual wheels)  Top are the BMW BBS wheels (E30 but with the correct ET).  Bottom are the OZ wheels.  






Thanks a bazillion for the comments, ideas, images and links.  As usual, the 2002 community came through and made my day!   


Have fun out there.  






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