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Chrome will turn into Rust


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No Google in Boston??!  I highlighted your Por-15 text, right-clicked for "Search Google for POR-15" & got "About 89,100,000 results (0.52 seconds)." 

Funniest thing I googled it and got nada
But then I did it again and sure enough!
My computer geek friend said it goo goo gets a bit flighty. Sorry man.

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If you can get all the loose rust off the metal--it doesn't have to be shiny silver, just sound metal that isn't blistered or flaking--Sherwin Williams makes an industrial, oil base anti-rust red primer that's made for use on steel exposed to the elements, like ocean-going ships and steel bridges.  I've been using it for 6-8 years on my winter cars here in Ohio, and it really works.  Only drawback is that you have to buy a gallon, so share with your friends.



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2 hours ago, Des said:

I look up silver bullet and I get vaginal Vibrators ? Do you mean RUST Bullet lol


Funny!  Got me.  I buddy raves about Silver Bullet whenever I bring up POR-15 products.  Better rust encapsulator properties, he says.  They either changed their name or he was giving me the wrong name.


Rust bullet, yes.  Darn expensive.

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