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1968-2018 (50 years 2002 in North America)


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Dear FAQ members,


I wanted to share with you all my latest project(s) relating to BMW's 2002 arrival in North America for 1968.  The 50th year anniversary is coming up next year in 2018.


To celebrate I have create 2 screen savers for anyone interested in a little 2002 art for their computer.


There is apparel + metal badges + decals available & I will be posting them for sale in the upcoming weeks + months. 


Please enjoy & thanks for having a look,


Mo Faraz


Screen savers attached--or you can download them here:




1968-2018 50th anniversary catalog: 'Journey Rewarded'








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6 hours ago, mike said:

There should be appropriate celebrations at the various BMW gatherings next year:  for us Southeasterners, Mid America and Vintage, and for sure at the 2018 BMW CCA Oktoberfest, which will be held in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.



Thanks for sharing Mike,


Those events all sound special & I do hope they are a great time.  Maybe a few of my items will find their way onto shows-- I will surely be keeping in touch as much as possible with the 02 community.


If anyone wants to reach out to me for specific questions, please ask.  I can accommodate most requests.





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