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Car Lift opinions needed


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Has anyone had any experience with these type of car lifts?  They are small portable car lifts giving you about 20" of lift.   I am considering getting one, it seems like the cat's ass when it comes to getting at the bottom of your car for just about everything.  I can see in the near future doing some work underneath the car. Including new fuel lines, fuel pump, cv joint boots, new wheel studs, wheel bearings, and suspension work on the back end, etc.. 








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Really easy to set up and use.  Had it for a little over a year.  Sometimes, one side would lift higher than the other.  Cycle up and down a few times and they will even out.


The hydraulic pump is not remotely weather resistant.  Make sure it is not exposed to any kind of moisture.


I would give it four stars out of five.

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1 minute ago, Dudeland said:

This is what I call a rotisserie, and is ideal for complete restorations. I need something that is used to service a vehicle once it is assembled.  


Still this thing is kick-ass.




They got these things as well :o

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Yeah lol I wonder why you would buy it exactly because of the fact (you just named) that you can't really access the bottom.. but ok, I got it. This is the site I often use for the stuff for my restorationm good luck on finding a proper bridge for your use!

Cheers JP

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3 hours ago, John_in_VA said:

Here's some info about the EZcarlift that a friend put together while using it with his E28: http://www.ezcarlift.com/


This design has a lot going for it including the maximum lift height.  For me, the Quickjack does not have the two cross bars that may interfere if I want to drop the drive shaft, the exhaust or some such thing running the length of the car.

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I bought a Quickjack lift about a month ago.  I actually went and picked it up at the main office.  If you are local you can save 5% if you will call it.


I was thinking of mid rise scissor lift for more clearance but I just don't have the room in the garage at the moment.  I have a 20' tournament ski boat that takes up half the garage.


Overall I'm pleased with my purchase.  Would love more lift but this is a ton better than a jack and jack stands.  Being able to get the car up in the air in 30 sec or so is awesome.  If you want to use this with other cars make sure to get the model that will support all your cars.



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