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Ignition Lock Assembly Q


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I am reassembling the ignition lock mechanism on my '75 and cannot determine the position of the black plastic spring loaded tab (flap) that allows the intermediate part (pictured with tumbler/key ass'y) to seat fully to allow complete insertion of the tumbler.  Based on the wear marks on the in-between piece the plastic flap appears to fold over to the left as the in-between part is inserted.  Any ideas here?  Many thanks!

key mechanism.JPG

key mechanism-2.JPG

key mechanism-3.JPG

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The lock you picture looks different from the locks I've disassembled on earlier (roundie) cars...I've not seen either the plastic piece inside the lock barrel or the crank-shaped piece at the very back.  


Does the black plastic piece you mention have anything to do with the two wires emerging from the outer barrel?  Their function in life is to irritate the bejesus out of you if you leave your key in the ignition and have the temerity to open your door.  It was the first thing I disconnected when I bought my '73.  If the plastic piece is the trigger for that buzzer, then you could easily leave it out and have done with the buzzer.



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