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Inspiration sought


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I am building my own dream racing car finally as some of you may know but I am looking for some cool inspiration. Does not matter wheather it are small ideas or just entire restorations to racers (or rally), I would really love all the content and watch read whatever all of it! There is kind of a lack of blog entries and everything in my own country so yeah..

Thanks in advance, JP

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You can check out the Minichamps website (among others) for ALL KINDS of race 02 inspiration.  Personally, I really like the JPS livery (I have a weakness for schwarzies), even though I don't think an 02 ever (actually) wore it....



-Rob (first pic is a video game screen shot, I think)


screen (5).jpg





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added pics
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Thanks, I like it (I do not really like the Jager version tho but my friend would love it.. lol) I like the alpina car still. That was my first inspiration only then i got my mind changed but you guys got me twisting again. I am really no longer sure about it haha. I liked the stance works album of it. Stanceworks gets to see such insane cars really.

Thanks for the pics guys!

Cheers JP






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4 minutes ago, robspeed said:

Hmm.. the Alpina looks Colorado-based in those shots... :)

Uhm...Isn't the alpina originally colorao-based? I thought this alpina has colour code 002... do you know both colour codes of the one I just sent (and you sent earlier)?

Cheers JP

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