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43 minutes ago, jgerock said:

Congrats!   Did you get the VIN and original color?

no sir, the original owner used to live in memphis...he had this car + 2 other complete cars with all the parts for the shell in a storage facility in memphis...he moved many years ago to calif, his storage unit was robbed of everything...he says he has the title and i may get it but for practical purposes, i'm buying it with no paperwork..he ended up giving the shell to the body shop that we're getting it from


the o2 is on a frame with roller built for the o2, which comes with the shell



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it rained yesterday so we passed for a sunny day...we just got the car home and in one of our out buildings...i'm amazed to find such a straight & solid body...all of the body filler is just to fill scratches in the metal...i couldn't find any body damage and the only rust is a few pinholes at the top of the firewall behind the brake booster which is an really easy fix


the 1st thing we have to do is shoot it with a couple of coats of epoxy primer to hold the rust at bay...surprisingly it's been sitting in this shop for 10+ years, after being chemically stripped and has no surface rust


i have the contact info for the owner in hermosa beach, who is expecting our call...he has the title...we'll give him a call tonight and be able to share a bit more info.....hopefully



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