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2002 art project


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Finally got my art project done and hung, still waiting for the license plate lights to become available again.  I think it came out really well.  Also thinking of making some of the lights work, but I don't have the reflectors so would need to make up some kind of divider or all the areas would light up.  The air cleaner I had done for a while now, but finally took a picture.

bmw art rear.JPG

bmw art air.JPG

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Thanks y'all! 

It definitely does need some kind of plate.

The donor car was a trashed ex-racer, every panel was mostly destroyed.  That back panel needed minimal work though, otherwise I might not have done this.

I’ve not seen that picture before, but have seen stuff like that.  My friend has a Shelby Cobra ass-end as a seat, it’s rather large.

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LOl, no thanks on the nose, this took me a year and a half:)


The trunk does open, no hinge and no trunk floor.  Both doable, but moving on to other projects, like the M10 megasquirt engine sitting in my living room (soldered the board up 3/15 lol).


It is a shame about those lights.  What's even worse I had a new set I bought for my car years ago, then gave them away when I went with the bumper lights instead.  It goes to show you, NEVER GET RID OF ANYTHING! lol

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