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Hey everyone, My apologies if this came up before but I couldn't really find anything. Does anybody have any weighted shifter / transmission expertise? I installed a heavy weighted shifter 1 1/2lbs (600+grams) yesterday. It shifts like butter now very smooth - almost loose feeling.... But am I doing any damage to the car? It falls over a bit when in neutral (like the leaning tower of Pisa. lol) I think I like it better, It's not as vague and finds all gears so easily now. That said I don't want to cause any damage as that would not be worth it. Does anyone have any definitive answers or experience with this? Thanks in advance for the help... This place has been the holly grail for me for information on my "new" 2002

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As long as it's not causing the selector to push the shift fork against the shifting collar,

and it's not obstructing your feel of the synchros, no, it probably won't hurt anything.

As in, as long as the weight is pushing the shifter forward when it's in R,1,3,5

and pulling it back in 2 & 4.


However, if you put in new bushings, etc when you installed it, THEY probably helped the most-

the difference between old and new is particularly surprising on a 2002 shifter.  And just like

the frog in the pot, as they wear slowly, we tend not to notice and compensate accordingly.





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It sits well when in gear... but collapses a bit under the weight in neutral and leans over to the passenger side. That said it all seems fine.  I didn't change bushings I just swapped the knob. Anyone else running a weighted shift knob? Issues? 

Thanks for the input everyone!

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The knob I am using is much heavier than stock, but nowhere near a pound and a half.  I made it from a glass door knob and shared the process in a thread here. 



Within that thread there was a warning given about weighted knobs on our cars.  Here is that post.



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1.5 lbs is pretty darn heavy.... what's this beast look like? 


In the import scene you see heavier shift knobs being used to create a more positive feel. But with all the chatter i've heard/seen regarding even resting your hand on the shifter causing undue wear on syncros, I wonder if a heavier knob could have similar effects. 


I replaced all the shift bushings, which helped with feel. But by far the biggest 'feel' upgrade I did was to disassemble the shifter arm (there's a c-clip holding in the selector arm into the upper arm, which has 2 rubber bushings inside the upper shift arm) and fill the void between the two bushings with Epoxy and re-assemble. It got rid of the knob spinning, and the sloppy feel more than bushings alone. That said... I think I'm the only one around here who has tried it. IF others have some spare selector arms to experiement with,  I'd love a few others to give it a shot and give their feedback too. 



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