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DIY zinc plating / yellow passivation


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I posted this on my build thread of my Touring but figured it would also be good to post this over in the main 02 forum.

When we got our parts plated, it turned out we forgot a few bolts and parts. I came across a forum build of someone that was restoring a BMW E30 and he got a plating kit.

I decided to also order one and turns out it works pretty good.


I cot mine from classic-plating.co.uk/Bright_Zinc.html, I got the Professional Zinc Plating Kit which you can make up to 15liters of electrolyte.


Here are a few pictures of the setup and results we got so far.

All the washing and dipping buckets in the correct order. I think 15 in total.



This is the zinc plating tank, by changing the amperage your can vary the thickness and speed of the process. The amperage also depends on the surface area of all of the parts.




Finished results after dipping it in the yellow passivation tank













Very pleased with this kit.

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What are you using for a power supply?  What voltage? How are you adjusting the current?  I just ordered a 3 gallon (11 liter) system but do not have a power supply yet.  I also ordered black passivation in addition to yellow.  Thanks

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22 hours ago, rockyford77 said:

What Ohm range do you think is needed?  Thanks


I think the included resistor was 8ohm so about 1,5A. When only plating one bolt that's way too much current, the zinc will adhere too fast and too thick on the bolt. You'll need a much bigger resistor.

I just hung enough parts in the electrolyte  since I did not have a big enough resistor at the time. 


10 hours ago, Jbaumshelter said:

That is awesome! I feel another project coming on after reading this. 

Thanks! It's awesome plating them yourself although I wouldn't plate a hole cars worth of nuts and bolts. This is a good setup for parts you forgot to give to your plater.


6 hours ago, 2002Scoob said:

So cool. Reminds me I keep wanting to set up a garage anodizing table...


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