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What is it worth?


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Just for the discussion what is it worth?  1974 2002 with round tail lights (replacement panel) and nice Euro bumpers.  Fresh M20 2.7 liter, 10 to 1, 272 cam, triple side draft carbs.  5 speed overdrive, limited slip diff,  Wilwood front brakes and rear disc brakes, completely rebuilt Tii suspension, Bilstein shocks, adjustable height springs front and rear, Turbo flares and air dam, 4 point roll bar, Alpina 15 x 7 wheels.

Currently the car need cosmetics and paint, but assume this is done to a decent (but not extravagant level).

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with fresh paint? 


What I would hope to pay, or what it might fetch on BAT/open market? Color?


I'd say if it's got nice fresh paint, and all the goodies you list, I'd want to pay 18-20. But I'm cheap (or dumb, because I'll probably be in deeper than that by the time I get my car to that level doing the work myself.) 


If it was pristine I think in the open market to the right buyer, 25-38? 

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1974 Front Clip?  Not a big fan of the round tail lights with the squaretail front-end.  Still all the go fast goodies should make it pretty desirable.  High teens to mid 20's depending on the build quality and cosmetic needs, with pristine cars with those mods in the mid 30's.  A picture would be nice...






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