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Firming Up The Rear Bench (springs)


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I used search, maybe my terms weren't good but no relevant results, so I'm posting.




I ordered, some rear seat covers + foam kit from Aardvark (and also the upper, back portion of the bench). I have yet to pick it up from the


I find the lower, base portion, very, very springy... I mean they are springs, so it makes sense.


Is there a way to firm up the springs so they travel less? I found that when I sit on them, I sink all the way in, plus they're bouncy.


I would assume adding additional foam above them but that might give me issues installing the new covers. What if I install some foam "buffers" between each spring to keep them from compressing fully?


Has anyone been down this road.ideas?




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19 minutes ago, Mike87 said:

get some high density foam and put it underneath the seat bottom between the seat and the body of the car.

  But if you do this, make sure your rear window isn't leaking; the water will run down into the space under the back seat, permeate the foam and pretty soon you'll have a hole or two in the floor under the seat.



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thanks for the replies, guys.


2 hours ago, Son of Marty said:

Maybe you could use straps like on the bottom of Recaros and set them with enough slack to allow the springs to do their thing to a point before the straps take the pressure.


Hmmmm, I like this idea... I could buy some seat belt webbing and loop it around the the front and back part of the frame and sow it.

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On 10/19/2017 at 1:11 AM, theNomad said:

there should be the factory metal loops tying all the springs together and then you can wrap it in canvas before putting the foam (add some?) and covers on as seen above i think. other than that, I think its just the type of seat


yes, I think you're right, it's meant to sink in, springy but I want to try to limit it.


I'll see if I can come up with anything and write back with the results. Might take a while, storage time looms.

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These back seats are pretty flimsy but there are several ways to firm them up. The easiest is to add a layer of 1" foam, it's like pre-loading the seat but this makes getting the cover on a little harder. You can weave elastic webbing through the springs from side to side or hog ring canvas over the entire top before putting the padding on, this acts to include more springs in the compression. Firmer or more coils added between the frame and the springs is another option. All of this can be bought through upholstery shops or just take it in and tell them what you want.

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I've used a layer of automotive carpet padding on top seat springs with good results.

I've also used automotive carpet on top of the springs for even more firmness. Which ever you use will be stiffer at first then break in.

You want to roll what ever you use over the edge of the seat frame and secure with upholstery (hog) rings.


If you are ever needing to drive a car with badly broken down seats from point A to B cardboard can be a real butt and back saver

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