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Seatbelt Help--Aftermarket/BMW/Harness


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Hey all,


I currently have a set of Schroth 4-point belts in my car, and in addition to being kinda annoying for street use, without an anti-submarine strap the lap belt tends to "ride up"--not ideal in a crash. I think this is due to the rearward anchor points of the lap belts. The Schroth instructions advise not to mount the lap belts at that shallow of an angle. So, question one, does anyone have four-point harnesses like these, and do you have any issues with/solutions for the lap belt riding up? I'd really rather avoid drilling for an anti-sub belt or relocating the stock lap belt mounts. 


Question 2, I'm also considering going back to a standard 3-point retractable belt. Roger's Tii sells an OEM Repa one for $278/side, and there are a couple of decent-looking aftermarket choices (RetroBelt and SeatBeltsPlus both sell a close-enough option for around $75 per side). Any experience with the aftermarket stuff? Is the Repa one worth the $200 premium? I'm not concerned with originality, but function is obviously important. 

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One of our faithful posters--"Blue Devils"--rebuilds OEM 2002 inertia reel belts with new webbing and other new stuff--folks on the board like his products--they work as advertised.  I'm sure he'll chime in on your posting.  


Many of the aftermarket belt assemblies come from China, and the quality may be questionable.  And questionable seat belt performance isn't a Good Thing...



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Yes, I am still around. PM me if you want to discuss seat belts options. I always advise fellows to purchase new seat belts from BMW if they can

afford it; blunttech will give you best prices, tell him Rabbi referred you.

BMW belts are sometimes not available separately from BMW Classic for both sites so you might get two passenger sides or two driver sides. My belts are very good (of course!), as good as BMW belts because I use the highest quality German/USA aftermarket parts available.They will work either side. I believe my prices are reasonable, but not cheap either, about the half of BMW prices. I can't make them less expensive without compromising quality, and I am not a volume manufacturer, nor a buy-low-sell-high ebay vendor. 

happy sleeping

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Thanks all. bluedevils, I'm interested in your belts--I'm curious why you advise people to get the BMW ones (I assume those are the Repa ones I found at Roger's: http://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-front-seatbelt-repa-safety/). 


Brandon--I hear you on the use without the anti-sub belt--that's what inspired me to rethink the setup. Although, to be clear, the set that I have are a 4-point only design (I think they're called the "Rallye") and there isn't a provision for a sub belt. My theory on why the riding-up issue is more pronounced in a 2002 is because the stock lap belt anchors are placed so far rearward, which creates a shallower angle on the lap belt. 



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