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72 2002Tii Project For Sale

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Price: $3500
Location: San Antonio, Texas


RARE '72 2002Tii Fuel Injected Roundie Numbers matching. Complete car, needs a little TLC. Was running well when disassembled for complete paint and stored in container until a few years ago. Completely stripped of paint so you can see the bare bones and past old body work; see it all. Chrome, glass, factory sunroof, and other bits and pieces in the car. Current blue Texas title in hand branded "RECONDITIONED" back in 1990. Bring a trailer or I can ship anywhere in the world if you pay shipping company.













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Added engine compartment pics
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Not mine, no affiliation....


Behr A/C!  Between sub-model, year, factory sunroof, and dealer A/C, checks all the right boxes.  The 3-piece dash with seat belt warning light must have arrived with the 1990 "reconditioning"; originally was a 2-piece dash.  Assuming its VIN and engine number are 276xxxx, it could be a fun, if challenging, project for the right buyer.


My recommendation:  Email the VIN to BMW Archives, requesting their data on the car (info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com).  No cost.  Generally 1 or 2-day turnaround.  Post the entire results (the return email) here.  It will soothe potential buyers who want to know it's a 1972 model year tii (VIN from 2760001 to 2762629, manufactured between October 1971 and August 1972) and encourage potential buyers to imagine it restored (Archives will provide the factory color).  This would be the best free marketing assistance you can get!






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From the engine compartment photos, I would say Polaris paint at some point, but Steve is right, sending the VIN to the BMWGroup will tell us the factory paint code. If this car needs a little TLC, I would hate to see one that needs a lot, ;-).  Good luck with your sale.



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49 minutes ago, Mark92131 said:

From the engine compartment photos, I would say Polaris paint at some point....




I agree, Mark (the engine compartment photos were posted after my post).  You could do a LOT worse than a Polaris ‘72 tii with factory sunroof...


Best regards,




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On 10/20/2017 at 2:23 PM, Conserv said:

I just love the enthusiast who bought this....seriously, he/she is my kinda’ ‘02-er!  ?


Please let us know what the Archives email reveals!







I take it back:  it's sounding more like a flipper than my kinda' '02er!


If you've got the original block for a '72 sunroof tii, in a great color, you can almost always salvage the block, even if breaking it loose means you must sleeve one or more cylinders -- not expensive and a proven solution when done by a reputable machine shop.  (Lots of blocks, e.g., my '70's and my '76's, freeze up when unused for months or years, but live to run another day.)


I'd guess that VIN 2761725 is approximately a May 1972 car, before the (initial) aluminum runner changeover at VIN 2761944.


Surely someone can save this one!






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