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Price: $100
Location: Barrie, Ontario, Canada


I recently purchased a hoard of early model 2002 parts some of which i need for my build allot of which i do not need i would like to sell rather than have it taking up massive amounts of space in my shop. there is parts from atleast 3 parts cars included in this hoard the seller wanted to move the lot as a whole so i bought it all to get what i needed. the hoard includes:


2 getgrag 232 gearboxes (3rd box sounds like it has rocks inside when spun by hand :()

4 rear windows green tint 2 are OEM

5 pairs of rear vent windows 

5 pairs of door glass

5 front corner vent windows with trim and hardware

1 drivers side fender, not perfect but workable

3 trunk... spare tire covers? not sure what to call them trunk floor? 

3 rear view mirrors

many pieces of chrome trim i still need to go through

several dual solex downdraft carbs

tons of pieces of door hardware. handles, window cranks etc

boxes and boxes of mechanical and electrical smalls 


i have just finished unloading, it was a full 8 foot truck box plus all the extra space in my regular cab i still need to take some pictures and go through it all some more to inventory everything but i will update this thread today as i do so 

I am willing to ship smaller items. larger items local pickup or i can deliver within reason (no more then a couple hours from home) 


thankyou for your time reply here, or private message me for contact details 












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i know i have the green tinted ones i will have to check if there are any clear ones i am still working on organizing and finding homes in my shop for all this stuff. i also need to go get some glass cleaner and de greaser at some point today lol bubble wrap for the glass as well

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ive been lurking around this forum for awhile soaking up info, this is the first time i have made a post and to be honest im a bit overwhelmed with the amount/rate of the replies coming in i will do my best to get back to everyone as quickly as i can but please bear with me.


im also happy to become an active member of this community you guys seem like a great bunch ill be around working on this stuff again today. thanks, Steve. 

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