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RFI - Gauge Sizes


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I measured the openings in a 2002 instrument cluster housing, and the openings themselves are right at 3 1/2 inches in diameter, with the speedometer (center) opening seeming to be very slightly larger (less than 1/16").  


The inner opening on the bezels (retainers that hold the instruments in place) are right at 3 5/16" in diameter.


Hope that helps.





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2 hours ago, ray_ said:

How many smoots

I thought you were gonna ask about wheel rim sizes?

My answer is that the Germans were forced into that or Goodyear wouldn't give them a ride in the blimp, since the Hindenburg (sp?) was grounded.

The Americans elected to use metric threads on sparkplugs in hopes some German would show how to brew a good beer, but we are still waiting.

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16 minutes ago, grizzlebar said:

good American beer


Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, for example.


4 hours ago, ray_ said:

How many smoots?


90 mm = .0528852 smoots


3 1/2 in. = .052388 smoots


Mr. Oliver Reed Smoot, Jr. (born 1940) was Chairman of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in  2002 (!)



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