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Price: $1500


For sale is a rare 16" dished vintage Nardi wood steering wheel.  Date code of 1968.  Was mounted on a BMW 1600.  Hub and horn button included.  Just restored by Bruce from Hardwood Classics.  This wheel is stunning!  Final price drop to $1500 shipped to CONUS from WA.





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So I am just curious, what is the story and/or reasoning behind the assigned value of this wheel? If I was going to list a $3K Steering wheel on this forum I would have written a small book about its condition and history in relation to 2002’s, vintage BMW’s, racing, etc. I mean we get three lines of information and that it’s? What was done to it restoration-wise exactly as well? It’s a beautiful wheel for sure, and being a steering wheel nerd I very intrigued by this wheel especially since I have never seen one at this price point and usually originality is higher valued than restored wheels? I mean just because someone charged you $2K to restore a $1,000 wheel doesn’t make it worth $3K. Just sayin. 

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Thank you for the comments on my steering wheel.  I understand that the asking price is expensive as I too have bought running/driving cars for less.  This is a 1968 dated wheel with a much deeper dish than the current Nardi wheels available.  The diameter of the wood is also smaller.  This BMW hub is also NLA.  The wood has been masterfully replaced by Hardwood Classics.  I plan to provide additional photos of the date stamp.  I am open to reasonable offers and willing to offer free ensured shipping. 

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