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Newly Purchased 73 Parts Car


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I just took delivery of my 73 Malaga 2002 that I won in an online auction.  When my tow guy went to pick the car up, the owner told him that the motor was rebuild and modified shortly before the car was parked 8 years ago.  I texted him and he said "Hey there, I bought the car about 8 or so years ago and the motor at that point had just been gone through. The top end had been bench flowed and the valves lapped. The lower end had fresh bearings and had a balancing. Don't think the cam has been changed out but it sounds like it could be a mild cam."

I got a look at the head today.  It's an E12 head with a 1980 casting date.  The block has no VIN or SN on it.  I started the motor and it sounds strong/lopey like it has a cam.  I also found a bag with a bunch of old piston rings, bearings, and a few other motor internal pieces.


Is there any way for me to figure out what kind of modifications the motor has, without completely disassembling it?


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By removing the valve cover you might get a peek at the camshaft sprocket end (use a mirror if necessary), which may tell you if it's aftermarket.  If it's a stock cam that's been re-ground , it may not be marked, though.  


Look again at the boss where the engine number should be.  If the block was a factory rebuild (long or short block) it'll have a series of numbers and letters-- that's decoded somewhere in the FAQ archives.  If it really is blank, then a rebuilder has machined the original numbers off.  And that would tell you that the block has been out of the car and had more work done on it than just rings and bearings.


Let us know whatcha find...



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No numbers on the boss, where a VIN number would normally be.  I did notice a little bit of machining where the threads are for the fuel pump.  It seems as though the head was modified to use a mechanical fuel pump.  There is a 1980 date stamp on the e12 head, and it looks like some machine work on the inside where the fuel pump threads go.  


No mirror, so I wasn't able to see if the cam is aftermarket.  I almost have the motor pulled, just need the engine crane to pull her out. 

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