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Weber DCOE40 18 Side Draft Carbs

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Price: $399
Location: Plainville, CT 06062


I am selling a pair of Weber DCOE40 18 side draft carburetors. These were removed from my 1800 and replaced with new set of modern DCOE 151's which were all part of a deal I could not pass up.


$399.99 or best offer. These will ship in the new Weber boxes. Please contact me with any reasonable offers or trades. I am always on the lookout for NK parts due to obvious rarity.


The inspection caps, emulsion tubes, jets, air correctors, jet holders, fuel inlets, cold-start mechanisms and velocity stacks are brand new and simply transferred from the  brand new carbs during swap. I have dusty and aged fuel feeds, linkage and air inlets that were preferred to the new shiny bits. Most of the hardware has been replaced or replated over that past few years.


These carbs could use a a fresh set of leather dust seals for each throttle shaft and basic cleaning. These were on my 1800 through the Spring. The earlier DCOS's are more prone to vacuum leaks due to leather seals versus the modern ethanol fuels.


The carbs currently have:

115 Mains Jets

F11 Emulsion Tubes

200 Air Correctors

45F9 Idle Jets

30MM Primary Chokes


For a healthy running 2.0 liter, I have found this combination to work well on recent tuning of my 1800 (rebuilt 2.0) and customer vehicles:

120/125 Main Jets

F11/F16 Emulsion Tubes

180 Air Correctors

60F8 Idle Jets

32MM Primary Chokes


Please contact me with questions or concerns. I will be happy to provide additional pictures upon request.













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