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Thoughts on a fuel sender


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About to embark on upgrading the gauge cluster to a full Speedhut set with the quad gauge going on the left. Thinking about upgrading to their universal sender as well:




I'm sure you all have thoughts on this, and I'd love to hear them. Obviously, I'll need an adapter plate to mate it to the tank.


Two immediate questions:

1. Does anyone have a template for the mounting plate of the fuel sender?

2. What is the depth of the tank?




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That fuel sender really looks nice. 

What are the provisions for the fuel pick-up tube? 

This also extends from the top of the tank to about 1/2" from the bottom, and has a mesh filter to keep the crud from being sucked into the fuel line.

Sorry...didn't record the tank depth or mounting plate dimensions when I cleaned and coated my tank ('76  '02).

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11 hours ago, grizzlebar said:

2. What is the depth of the tank

Tank depth varies with the year, as later cars have slightly larger and deeper tanks.  Easy to measure yours--just remove the existing sender and (carefully) stick a wooden ruler or dowel (no metal, please!) down the hole.  And while you have it out, you can measure the diameter of the hole for your template.



4 hours ago, grizzlebar said:

I have to check that out - for the life of me I can't remember if my fuel pick up tube is co-located with the sender

 And the fuel pickup is part of the sender unit assembly on all 2002s, including tii's.  



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I once considered replacing a combined fuel sender and pickup tube in a different car, an early Alpha Romeo.  The only option was to get a different gas tank from a later car that had a separate fuel feed.  With the 2002, there is no tank version that had a separate fuel feed, so you will need to be very, very creative.  That is a lot of work and expense to replace something that you can probably make work with your new gauges.  If it ain't broke and you can make it work, don't change it.    


Edit: wait, I got that wrong.  The port in the sender unit is a vent, right?  not a fuel feed?  In either case, it is a pain to come up with a different way to run it.  


Two cents....




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