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74 Amazon tii on SF Craigslist


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I actually want the smart guys to disect these cars ie is this car really worth the $$. Nitpick...


I'll word my threads different from now on. I thought I knew these cars up and down.... but since joining the FAQ' I now know that was not true at all lol.:o


I look every day on every Craigs... I hadn't found much in quite some time.


It just happened the last 2 popped up at the same time. I probably won't post another car for awhile.

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Only had an issue with a couple loose statements. Most I agreed with but I got this pet peeve about slander on the 'net..that's all


Coming from other car forums I was over all that computer 'courage' where things got pretty reckless.


But I think most of that was due to alot of negativity built up over time against that particular seller...which is understandable. I read EVERYTHING there was to read about him and it wasn't pretty


+ talked to the guy for nearly 30 minutes last week. He did manage convince me that the bulkhead was not bent because of some major impact. I'd still do more research before I would comment on that though.


ps. I upvote everything . I give total credit constantly... I might wear out my upvote button 'cause I'm learning new stuff every day..and its fantastic!


Paul messaged me and I think we're good. He knows where I was coming from. I'd like to change that vote?

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1 hour ago, iinca said:

yvclimber I love Amazon. Love Agave and Jade too. Florida is my #1 02 color though. Greens look good on 02's!

Not sure if it still the case, but Green was considered an unlucky colour back in the day for a car in the UK.

If you brought a green car to a salesman for a trade in, you got a low low offer, however, if he had a green one to sell, you could get a good deal. Hence me buying my Green Touring many moons ago.

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I don't know about that but I DO know that in some cases red cars are bad luck. Like in the movie Used Cars..hehe


Green is Euro.  Early 911's, all those classic British Cars love green...my Alfa boat tail looked great in dark green


The Bullit Mustang in green...


Growing up I LOVED Agave. Our neighbor had a 72 Agave tii. Showroom Condition with barely any miles. Basically a brand new car. Gorgeous! He let me drive it one day and it was amazing. Perfect syncros!! I pulled alot harder than a stock 02. Damn that car was beautiful

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