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Where can I get these wheels?


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I've been contemplating the new wheels and rubber I'm going to need for my '75 2002 project. I looked through the "stance" thread and saw many, many really terrific looking cars, but I think I found my overall inspiration on Bring-a-Trailer a few weeks ago.   What I liked most about it was the stance, the wheels and the front spoiler.   Unfortunately, I do not know how the car is sprung, but I have already decided to go with an IE spoiler and IE stage 1 springs, so the stance should be similar...about 1-2" lower than stock.  The wheels, of course, are the BBS RS 001 and I'm assuming they are 15x7 ET25.  They are sporting 195/50s in front and back and the fenders are not rolled.   I have seen several sites selling similar wheels or knock-offs, but I can't find them with the right lug spacing and ET.     Can anyone point me to a vendor that carries these wheels in the correct size?    


Here's the car.  BTW, this car, a "regular" 2002 with lots of upgrades and Recaro seats, sold for $33,750.   IMG_0383-3.thumb.jpg.a7b054d76c19de9b7c4387f92a88c5f6.jpg




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This is good inspiration for your build, (wheels, stance, bumpers, Recaro seats).  I can't remember, but I bet it had a 5 speed and other go fast components under the hood.  Personally, I would not add the chin spoiler, letting the new owner decide if they want to drill holes in my new paint.  But that car was nicely done and the owner was rewarded with a great result on BAT.  I don't have a source for the BBS wheels, but someone will chime in.



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Can’t help you with knockoffs, but originals in various states of originality or refurbishment do come up for sale. If your goal is maximizing resale, knockoffs probably aren’t your best choice. They tend to be Chinese made wheels of unknown quality. 


I picked up up an original set of RS001s locally off craigslist in the 15x7 et25 size you mentioned. I see them on eBay fairy regularly as well. I’d start looking while you’re working on the rest of the car. 


There are are several sources for replacement lips, barrels, bolts, lug covers, etc. to help with refurb and personalization. The main face of the wheel is really the only critical part that needs to be reused. These replacement parts are not always true to the originals though. 


That said, it’s probably far less costly to reuse the lug covers, lips, and barrels that came with the wheel set and just have them polished/refinished as needed. 


I reused the bolts when I replaced a cracked barrel on one of my wheels and it’s working fine, but from my research it’s typically recommended that you replace them whenever you split a wheel. 


Good luck in your hunt. 

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As Bento says, they are built to spec, but are not an off-the-shelf new, at least not commonly.  A number of fellows put them together.  For a refinished set expect to pay a couple grand.  "Core" sets in need of restoration pop up from 1k-1.2k, but sell pretty quickly.


Boy, the chrome bumpers, restored RS's, Euro turn signals. E21 sport seats, all look great on that car.  Couple that with nice springs/swaybars/suspension, 5-speed, and a hotrod M10 with sidedrafts and you've got yourself the cookie-cutter 02 hotrod.  Another car worth looking at would be the Clarion Builds 2002.

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You can find used ones from e21/I believe the Volkswagen scene too. I picked my BBS RS001's off the german equivalent of Craigslist used for I *think 600 with 50% lifespan tires. They were a little rough, but after apx. 40 hours per wheel of hand labor, sanding, and polishing in my living room after work and a few hundred bucks worth of titanium hardware, they came out pretty fantastic. Didn't even need to separate the lips or barrels from the centers.

Of course you can buy refurbished wheels online that use aftermarket polished alloy or stainless lips, but they'll run you 12-2500 a set on eBay from what I've seen.


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