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set of tii rear trailing arms

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Price: $350
Location: pomona ca 91765 1 hr east of la


 will trade  for  e 9 parts !! have the 231  brakes    with one having  the emerg. brake brackets   still on it  and a ll the  brake  components   complete , ,  also   one  beam has  a small/medium dent in it that    has   no cracks and   has  not   affected the structural integrity   but is bent inward  about 1 1'4  inches    from the other arm at the  mounting  area    ( where  the bushings are   you  can see this on the pics that one arm has a  slight bend inward  towards the other arm)   trial  fitted these  on my 73   and all else   fit  fine  but    still   ,,,,,,,,  pic  #5   shows  dent  ,,,,,,, inside  to  inside    mount area  on the good one is   1.25 larger that   the other   you can see the bend on the second pic of the  arm on the right








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Note to buyer- Please verify the small dent does not affect fit to the subframe alignment.  I sold this set to the seller last week for $150, good price considering all brakes included. But I cautioned him, and now anyone else who buys these, to make sure that the "Small Dent" in the arm does create fitment issues. I think the seller's description is accurate, but since I never attempted to install these on a subframe I felt compelled to chime in here.  I do not know how the dent occurred, these came as spare parts for a Tii I bought several years ago.  

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Ok, paypal f&f to pplese@verizon.net , you pick up or ship? If ship I have to get you the price . The one arm with the dent on the inside of the beam has caused it to be pushed in towards the the other arm thus the distance between the two mounting ends with the bushings on them is 1.25 shorter, you can heat it up and pull.it into shape or even if you attached it to something strong you could pull it out with a come along or a bottle jack as it relatively light weight. Or ? I will fix it myself as I have a small  resto shop , the skill   and tools. The amount of straightening it needs is not enough with my background in strength and materials from my engineering  days is not sufficient to cause any lack of strength or structural integrity. If this pieces on my airplane? I would be required  by the FAA to break apart the welds and and reweld a new piece in or buy a new one , depending where it was at on the plane!

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11 minutes ago, KARNUT1 said:

the distance between the two mounting ends with the bushings on them is 1.25 shorter

1.25"  !!!  This should have been the first thing you mentioned in your listing.  This is not a minor issue.  It affects the tracking of the whole vehicle.  Could it be fixed?  Don't know.  I'll let some other fearless soul experiment with their '02.  


Thank you Mike for pointing this out for anyone interested in these parts.

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