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My Green Devil lives again...


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Your quick reaction to the SNOP (acronym for "Sorry, No Oil Pressure") light flickering at speed saved your engine.  Happily you weren't in the middle of your hillclimb run, where you could have been distracted by keeping the car on the road.


I'd vote for returning the car back to England--that way you'll have a whole year's fun vs a few days.  And the ferries to Denmark run both ways...





PS--really like those wheels!

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Thx for you replies Gents!  Appreciate it...  :)


@Mike, I like your SNOP acronym.  :lol:  Never heard that one before...
The alloys are L.O.W. alloys produced in period in Italy.  Besides not being centre-lock and obviously of smaller dimensions, they look virtually identical to Campagnolo Miura alloys!


As for keeping the Green Devil in Denmark ~ vs ~ bringing it to the UK....
It's a tough call!  Needless to say, I'll get much more milage out of the ol' girl if I keep it in the same country as I live in.  That would no doubt be a huge bonus!  But I just feel quite strongly for the Munkebjerg Hillclimb in Denmark.  Maybe @yeewiz is right - just one last Munkebjerg in Denmark next summer, and then bring her to the UK...??

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51 minutes ago, 02Anders said:

.....Maybe @yeewiz is right - just one last Munkebjerg in Denmark next summer, and then bring her to the UK...??


Absolutely loved, this, Anders.  And, yes, one last Munkebjerg and then move it on to the U.K.


And, who knows, maybe back in a year or two for another Munkebjerg, if the U.K. scene doesn't play to the Green Devil's strengths!


Best regards,





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Thx for your input Gents!  :)


13 hours ago, jgerock said:

Nice article and pics. Love the color and wheels.


Colour is just factory Agave green.  As already mentioned above, the alloys are period aftermarket L.O.W. 5.5 x 13" wheels produced in Italy.  I've actually got a second set which I might consider selling if someone where interested...


As for where my Green Devil will reside in the future, I suppose I can just leave her in Denmark over the winter where I won't be driving her anyway.  That'll give me the cold winter months to sit indoors and contemplate to pro's and con's of having her in one country compared to the other....

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