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1976 2002 - LOW MILE TII engine 5-speed A/C $6995

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Price: $6995
Location: San Diego


I purchased this car last month from owner of 12 years to remove the 5-speed and driveshaft to trade out with the 4-speed from my tii resto. Figured I could tool around in until my restoration is complete. After receiving the car and driving it and seeing how original and clean it is; I just couldn't do it. Made it easier when I was able to find a 5-speed here on the FAQ.


I purchase in Maryland from a very nice older man; where it was stored in a garage and well taken care of. The car is originally from California and the owner mentioned the engine was a factory replacement but I found a notebook of all repairs and it lists a low mile (55,000) tii motor being installed in car with a carb set up instead of fuel injection. The Pastellblau paint is nice on the car except the hood, will polish up very nice. The Sunroof needs some adjustment, I was able to open and lube up but still won't move with crank. Here is what he lists in his ad about the car.


It has some nice enhancements:
BMW 2002 tii engine - factory replacement with very low miles (reported to be less than 5000  - I've driven less than 50 miles);
BMW 5 speed manual transmission from a BMW E21 320i with short shifter kit - very nice feel
BMW E30 325 Lemmerz wheels in basketweave pattern with proper offset ET30 with 4 original BBS center caps (plus 1 spare with no cap);
Original Behr radiator upgraded from a BMW 320i;
Stahl headers and Ansa exhaust;

Has A/C but not used; I think everything is there to get working.

Mileage on the chassis is estimated to be about 129,000 (odometer has stopped at 110,992).  The interior is in good condition with older style BMW 2002 steering wheel and aftermarket Flofit seats in good shape with no rips but 2 small burn like circles on the upper back left side of the driver side. The dash is in excellent condition with no major cracks (a couple of small splits at the base where the dash rises to fit the instrument speedometer cluster).

It starts and drives and stops and all lights work inside and outside. The picture of the engine compartment was taken when it was running - no smoke visible.  The Stahl long headers to Ansa free flow exhaust sounds good and noticeable. The radiator and cooling system were flushed in the spring and oil was changed. It was repainted 15 years ago and looks decent (hood paint has dulled and appears to have been replaced, not original as you can see green paint).  The hood has rust along the edges on the underside by hinges but does not affect opening and closing or is noticeable from outside . The trunk floor and shock towers are solid with no rust.  The seat floor pans are decent with very small rust on the passenger front one.  The front windshield needs the lockstrip (included) installed. Windows roll up and down. The driver side inside door panel is loose from the door and just needs new fittings. Tires hold air but are old and should be replaced.  


I noticed after receiving that the exhaust rattles against the frame as the muffler rubber brackets have broken. I wired up temporarily until I can get to a muffler shop. As is always the problem here in Southern California; I cannot provide a SMOG certificate so it will be sold as a PARTS Car if purchased by someone here and the clean Maryland title provided. I will take better pictures of the car tomorrow. Call/Text at 858-208-8449 or email colletti.charles@yahoo.com



s-l500 (1).jpg

s-l500 (12).jpg

s-l500 (13).jpg

s-l500 (14).jpg

s-l500 (15).jpg

s-l500 (16).jpg

s-l500 (17).jpg

s-l500 (18).jpg

s-l500 (20).jpg

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