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Alternator Identification Question


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How can I tell what alternator I have?  The 1974 engine was rebuilt recently but I don't know if the builder upgraded it as part of the rebuild.  I'm planning to add driving lights and some other stuff (Recaro C power seats).  Any help is appreciated.  

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JeffM--please get a rubber boot to cover that large red wire that fastens to a nut/bolt terminal on the back side of your alternator.  That sucker is live all the time and carries a lot of current.  First time you go to remove your oil filter or get a tool near it for any other reason, you're gonna see a shower of sparks when you ground that terminal.  


If you can't find the proper rubber boot anywhere else, Snapper (and probably other lawn mower brands) use 'em on their riding mowers.  And they look just like the BMW item (ask me how I know this)



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