Which would you have of these M cars?

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On 12/27/2017 at 6:47 AM, irdave said:

A car you didn't ask about...  E46 wagon with complete M3 swap.  This can actually be done for not a terrible amount of money (if you do it right, or wrong), and is a great solution.  :)

or E36 wagon with S52 swap....

or E30 wagon with S52 swap.....


just something about fast wagons....B)

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Reminds me of the commercial where Mario Andretti is giving a ride in the 2 seat Indy car, and to him everything is in slow motion with classical music playing.  And the guy in back is freaking out, and in his mind there is thrasher metal playing.





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LOL..i suspect augusto may have been sleeping on the couch that night.


i can attest that ya gotta be very careful taking a significant other out for a few "slow" laps.  I did that...once.  wife had taken a couple of driving schools in the past...asked her if she wanted a ride in my M3 during an instructor session.  one lap at 6/10's.  ok so far.  two laps at 8/10's.  ooops.  she wanted out..has not been on track since.  doh!

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