My 2nd NK: '68 Granada 2000 (1341378)

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Edit (10/3/17): This car will NOT be parted =)


Edit (9/27/17): I've been looking at the photos of the car for two days and this thought has creeped into my head that maybe, just maybe I can get it started and running and driveable as a "beater" until I can get the other car to the Bay Area this winter and asess them together.  I'll be inspecting and possibly attempting to start it Sunday if everything seems to check out.  I do have one question: will a set of 14x7 et25 wheels fit the car temporarily?  I have a set of 14" Hartge wheels that are supposedly 2002/320i specific, but haven't been able to verify it, my husband was running them on his e30 for a while.  Any input would be appreciated =)




So I'll be headed down from SF to Santa Clara this coming weekend to pick up that red 2000 that's been posted on-and-off on Craigslist for years, finally struck a deal with the seller.  Unfortunately I have no space to keep it, and while the original goal was to get it cheap and use it as a donor car for my other NK, I feel torn on destroying it for personal gain.  I do need a lot from it, including all the doors and the 2-liter engine, it also appears to be (from my inspection 6 months ago) a fixable car.


Currently, my plan is to get it to my driveway in San Francisco and part it out.  I may arrange a "disassemble-fest" with anyone willing to show up paying a small flat donation in exchange for as many parts as you can remove and take home -- if you're interested in participating, please let me know.  The "donation" would be no more than $100 and help recoup some of my cost on the car and hopefully cover the cost to dispose of the shell (and maybe pay for some pizza and beers for the afternoon).  Major parts available that I don't need (off the top of my head) include:

- Hood
- Trunklid
- Bumpers
- Fenders
- (most) Belt Trim
- Glass
- Fuel Filler Lid
- Gas Tank
- Brightwork
- Center Grille


All that said, IF the car shows to be in much better condition than my other NK once I get it here and can inspect it thoroughly, I may opt to part the other and restore this one...I do have good reasons not to do that (the other is an earlier model and I have contact with the owner who imported it), but practicality may dictate which direction I go and I'll update here accordingly.


If anyone feels I should part neither and wants to yell at me and dissuade me, feel free to do that as well, I do feel kind of bad parting a 50-year-old car =(


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Does it come with that sweet roof rack? :D


...whatcha gonna do with the vintage dealership badge on the back? :ph34r:


It's pretty cool... not sure I've seen an NK in that color?  Best of luck with all of it, regardless.



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Ha!  One of the debates I had with the seller when I saw it earlier this year was about that "roof rack" and how it looked to me that the roof was caved-in from the weight.  I'll see what that situation actually is when I pick up the car on Saturday.  The closer I get to picking it up, the more I'm wondering about the viability of getting it running and driving rather than parting it out.  I won't know until I have it at my home Saturday afternoon, so that's still in the air, but if it's do-able I'll totally try to get it roadworthy and drive it around with it's current patina for a while.


The dealership badge on the back is very cool...I'll likely end up keeping that unless someone restoring a car delivered by the Schorsch Meier dealership in Munich really needs one, the history is kind of cool.  That said, money talks haha


The car appears to have a non-standard interior...color and upholstery brochures at the time don't show the fabric, but the brochures do say, "Should you have any requirements for a special upholstery (for example genuine leather) please contact your BMW dealer."  The steering wheel is also odd -- at first I thought it was a coupe steering wheel, but I found an old eBay auction last night for an early 1600-2, also with a Schorsch Meier dealer badge on the back, with the same steering wheel in it as well as non-standard upholstery.  Makes me wonder if that specific dealership had a habit of upgrading the cars they sold.


As far as the color, I believe it's Granada, with a Turf fuel filler door.


Three photos attached, one of the interior (passenger seat is somehow nearly new looking, everything else shredded) and two of the 1600-2 I saw online last night:







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Nice sleuthing!!  That's interesting that you found a 1600 with the same dealer "upgrades".  The seats are similar to what was available for the early Coupes.. but not quite, and the entire top of the seat would have been covered, not just the center panels.  (I sure wish I could find that headliner material... the reproductions for the Coupes are not as perforated)







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It does seem to me like something from the coupes as well, but I can't find any photos of anything that's even close to matching.  The style is right, but the fabric must've been special-order.


Also, can anyone confirm whether or not 14x7 et25 wheels will fit and work on the car temporarily?  Hoping to find out before tomorrow morning....

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Picked up the car today!  Unfortunately nearly the entire day was spent dealing with U-Haul and their terrible reservation system and even more-terrible customer support, but it's at my house, parked on my back lawn like a piece of red German trailer trash =)  Some initial pictures for now, more will come tomorrow as I do an initial cleaning-out.  I'll likely NOT be parting it, at least for the mean-time, as it seems too solid.  And yes, it's on Hartge wheels...all I had on-hand!





















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11 hours ago, zinz said:

That'll buff out... :)


I like it. 




Ha!  My friend, who has significant experience with e9s and such, thinks we can get it going relatively easily.  Keyword: relatively.  Looking forward to cleaning it up today after I've had my coffee and returned the U-Haul.


7 hours ago, jgerock said:

I like it as well. Those wheels look pretty good on the car.  First picture where it sat looked like Inka.


Yes, the red is rather faded.  I'm going to wash it and test-polish a few spots to see what happens.


7 hours ago, jgerock said:

Lol- I see the NK roof contents are now on the adjacent car!


LOL! I guess he really wanted to keep that fancy "roof rack!"

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Spent all day cleaning it out -- removing garbage, vacuuming, wiping down, cleaning windows (half of them, at least).  It's in surprisingly great condition, I won't be surprised if I'm driving it before the end of the year.  There's shockingly little rust - and nothing (so far) that even looks close to being structural -- most areas are looking like they'll require very light surface work.  Rockers under the carpet pieces by the doors are perfect.  Door bottoms are all solid (one or two corners have some rust, but easy) and all their mechanics work.  Trunk is clean and dry (small rust-through hole right in the middle of the spare wheel well, but that's it).  The sunroof is the only thing that's rusty and seized...that's going to be a fun project.  There's a wiring mess under the steering column to figure out, but everything else looks stock and un-hacked.  I'll likely remove the stereo wiring that's been added.  Transmission physically shifts through all the gears (shifter needs rebuilt) and the car will roll without squeaking or grinding.  The rubber is completely dried to dust everywhere -- door seals, window seals, etc etc.  The trunk hinges are also both broken and that looks complicated to deal with...I didn't realize it was just sitting on top, not attached to the car.  Mechanically both the front seats work perfectly, with the driver's seat material being mostly gone on the bottom and with the frame twisted in the back.  Rear seats are beyond gone, I don't even think they could possibly be recovered.


The paint is responding very well to a good polishing (photos will be below) and I'm pleased that it looks like it'll shine up very nicely.  It's been repainted, but seems to be very close to the correct color and decently-done.  Chips and nicks everywhere as you'd expect on an old car, but after seeing it go to shiny red from matte orangey-red, you kind of don't notice them.


The fuel tank smells of fuel, nothing rotten.  The engine has oil in it and while dark, it smells like it should and it looks clean underneath the oil cap.  Air filter area is squeaky clean.  I was surprised to see two optional extras installed on the car: a rear sway bar and a heated (albeit cracked) rear windscreen.  The differential is definitely open, figured that out when I was swapping out the wheels.


This week I want to spend one or two evenings sorting out what's going on with the wiring under the steering column..there's been some weird stuff added, and another evening tearing out the headliner...it's just shredded, gross, and useless.  Then this weekend I'm going to put in new coolant and fuel hoses under the hood, brake lines (if I can get them in time), spark plugs, fluids and a battery and see what it does.  I assume the brakes will be seized and that'll need dealt with, but maybe another pleasant surprise waiting there.


Some information on history:

Seller claimed to purchase the car for $800 in ~2000 (+/- 5 yrs, if you ask me) in a non-running state.  He also claimed it has a high compression engine, but the vin on the engine correlates to a Jan-Jun 1975-production 2002 (2365608)...doesn't seem promising.  The car has two pretty illegible emissions stickers on the driver's side fender area -- one has some required settings for timing and the other says something about nox control - there's also a BAR sticker on the driver's b-pillar, forgot to take a pic, but the serial number starts with a 1 and a series of 0's, so might be early in that organization's history.  Rear seats are a stock pattern, so the fronts were either special-ordered or redone at some point.  Seller claimed the engine isn't seized, but that the starter doesn't work at all...I suspect the wiring mess under the steering wheel could be at least part of the issue.


I need to find a few things (and if anyone has any leads...wink wink) if I plan on driving it:

  • driver's side door panel and (most importantly) handles so I can get out
  • Trunk hinges and other necessary hardware
  • Driver's seat (will a 2002 seat fit right in?)
  • Replacement seat belts (it already has some mounted, which is great)
  • Rearview mirror (the plastic housing literally disintegrated when I touched it)
  • Wheels that fit properly (the Hartges look cool, but lightly rub everywhere)

I would also like a few recommendations from knowing people rather than simply defaulting to what I know from e28s:

  • What kind of oil should I use in the engine? 20w50 like the m20s and m30s?
  • Same for diff and transmission oil... Do the synchros need any special consideration?
  • Brake/clutch fluid? Dot 4 like a normal modern 80's BMW?
  • BMW blue coolant?  We use it in our other cars...but the 60's were a while back


I also have a question/concern: the space between the gas pedal and brake is very tight...can barely get my foot in there to press the gas...is this normal or is my brake pedal possibly tweaked?  I have a size 11.5 shoe and was wearing relatively narrow and low-profile chucks today.  Nothing looks obviously bent, but I kind of have to use my toe on the throttle.  Wouldn't be unmanageable, but I could see accidentally getting my foot caught in the right situation.  This was after I removed the weird berber carpet.


So far, I'm feeling very hopeful about this car - it seems solid and getting it roadworthy seems far more feasible than I'd ever imagined any 2000 I'd have found would be.  I'm currently thinking this is the viable vehicle rather than my Chamonix car...I had no way of knowing that before getting it purchased and out of that tight spot it was in.  I'll be waiting to decide what to do with/about the Chamonix car when I can inspect it as well as I have this one, sadly I still have not yet had the full chance (weather has been miserable each attempt I've made).


Now LOTS of photos...maybe go get a snack or something...








































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Fantastic, great save, and yes to all your fluid/oil suggestions, nothing out of the ordinary. And all NK's rust on the front panel like that, almost like they designed it that way! Front seats have been recovered. Love the shine you're getting off of it. 

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