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Hazard Switches: internal differences between them.

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Hey all,


Trying to find schematics showing the internal differences between the early 8 prong "Pull type" Hazard Switch, and the later (still readily available) "Push type" that comes in two varieties: 6 prong, no resistor and 8 prong with resistor. 


I'm trying to retrofit a later style 8 prong "push type" hazard switch into an early wiring harness that had a "pull type". Circuit 58d with the resistor is giving me grief as it does not seem to have the same function as the 49/0 circuit (GN-VI wire) on the early style.


Thoughts, diagrams, tricks, suggestions? 



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15 hours ago, amigo70 said:

Greetings. I am having hazard switch issues too. I am also ready to retrofit later style switch into old push/pull style. I've tried many early switches (all supposedly were good) Could never get hazards to work on my car, a '71.


Did you ever figure this out for your vehicle?



You’re problem may be the relay instead of the switch.  The early cars with the red pull switch had a turn signal relay that was prone to failing, I would check this first before blaming the switch for your problem.  The early pull switch generally is problem free in comparison to the later push switches which tend to never stay in the ‘off’ position as they get old.

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I actually replaced the relay with a brand new one. That helped my flashers in that I would get the green blinker whereas before I would just get one blink. 


The relay had no effect on the hazard. However I did notice when it’s pulled out, my flashers will not work at all. Another thing is that the red knob does not light up at all when pulled up. Checked the bulb inside and it’s fine. 

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I'm in the same (or similar) boat here with the old style push switch on my '67. My turn signals work just fine, dash indicator flashes, too, but when I pull the hazard switch, I hear a loud relay click and nothing happens. The switch does light up red, though.


I chased it under the dash and there is a newer style relay coming from the hazard switch in a small black container. Thinking my switch is bad, but curious to see what you guys have found out.


Was thinking my switch might be dirty but from experience that's rarely the case.

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