Auburn, Ca Canyon run Sept 2, 2017 eve

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September 2, 2017 at 8:30 pm- Taking our '75 out to fill the American River Canyon with some sweet sweet M10 music. Whether you're young or old, driving a cherry or junk, if you've got a 2002 please join us. We will meet in Auburn off I-80 near the Foresthill Exit, enjoy some high speed (within the limits of the posted speed limits of course....) sweepers down into the bottom of the Canyon and then bend our sway bars through some tight switch backs on the way back up. This is a sweet little 25-ish minute loop. Meet up at 8:30 pm and maybe finish with a cup of joe/cider/cocoa or what have you at a nearby commercial coffee franchise, whilst congratulating ourselves for being so awesome. Please email me to get specifics!


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