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2002 Ti Photo Gallery

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Well my BMW brothers, I have been inspired by Carstens' beautiful Chamonix 2002 TI restoration.  I think that BMW 2002 Ti 's are relatively rare, at this point I've seen more TISA's of which they made only 200, than  I have seen 2002 Ti's in the United States. This is of course due to the smog regulations which began in the late 60s which prevented United States importation, which had some positive effects in that they led to the mechanically injected BMW 2002 Tii.

I think that we should have a 2002 Ti only photo gallery, with exception for Jim Gerock, who's car is fantastic, but I will start things. Since most Ti s  were imported into Canada and rusted away long ago, I am proud to present Tony Robertsons Canadian TI, which was saved due to massive Ziebart undercoating.

Please be so kind as to present several pictures of your 2002 TI, and any interesting features, or special qualities deserving attention.

Don't be shy, all 2002 Ti deserve attention no matter how much patina. There have been several Canadian examples for sale recently with massive rust, all are welcome here. We can list the serial numbers as well, and have a sort of Survivor 2002 Ti registry.


Best's regards, Peter


Special features on my mostly stock car include a factory five speed  close ratio gearbox, BMW 1800 TISA steering wheel, original Restall master fit race seat, and Campagnolo Bertoni wheels. The car also has Bilstein shock absorbers and lowering springs.








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Great idea Peter,


I've been really inactive for sometime but my interest is back. I still have my 70 Colorado Ti that's in the final stages of restoration and will definitely share photos when the car is done or when I dig up some photos that I can share.

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Hey Peter, I just came cross this video of your car that I have never seen before. 

What a car that is, I miss it every day, but I'm glad you have it now. One day I hope to see

it again!  



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