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What did you do to your 2002 today !

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My view today here at Mid-America in Eureka Springs, Arkansas 

Glass man showed up and installed front and rear with no problems in and out in two hours...couple more days and I’ll be at the finish line.

Took the FunMobile out for a much-deserved drive after two weeks of wash, deep clean, clay, hand-sanding with 1500, 2000, 3000 grit,  then coarse, medium, and fine polishing... whew!  pulled

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My 02s headrests chrome was rusted and the foam was crunchy. Found that headrests from pre-facelifts e23's fit my 76 02 with no mods. So, ordered up a set off that auction site, and finished them with the covers that match my seats. Now I have adjustable headrests.

Head rest 1.jpg

Head rest 2.jpg

Head rest 3.jpg

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I replaced the drivers side pop out window seal piece at the B pillar.  The old one was split and really deteriorated and the window was so loose I was afraid it might fall out every time I opened it.  Found out there weren't any sheet metal screws holding the metal piece to the B pillar!  


Wasn't that hard of a job after all.  A good rainy day job. I'll probably do the passenger side tomorrow since I'm sure it's going to be raining again.




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23 minutes ago, '76mintgrün'02 said:

Did you run it with the band still on it? 



(The band is put on to align the bolt holes and then you are supposed to remove it once it's installed).

The band??


The band???



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