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What did you do to your 2002 today !

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Glass man showed up and installed front and rear with no problems in and out in two hours...couple more days and I’ll be at the finish line.

My view today here at Mid-America in Eureka Springs, Arkansas 

Installed new black door cards and picked up my re-Done seats waiting on new carpet kit to install seats in my baur...

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Started freshening up the paint/caps on my FPS alloys prior to install. Glad I went ahead and ordered a can of Wurth wheel paint.

Pretty much a perfect match.




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2 hours ago, MYBMWHabit said:

Hey JP5, how hard of a process is that to do, and do you know how long it lasts once done?  Thanks!


I bought the tank used for a pretty good deal I thought.  I had it dipped for $50. and the Red-Kote was $34.  Plus I still need to paint the exterior.  I cleaned the inside again with Acetone per Instructions. Depends on the inside condition of your tank how much work you need to do in regards to rust.  Pull the sender and fuel pick up then slosh the acetone or Red-Kote around for like 20/30 minutes.  Then drain excess. Red-kote needs a day at least to 3/4 days dependent on the temperature.   


People have had pretty good luck with it lasting.  My search found 02 owners from 5 to 10 years ago with no problems.

Red-Kote states tanks are out there from  1985 still fine.  

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I finally completed my brake rebuild. The original calipers and drums were seized when I got the car. I rebuilt these E21 calipers to replace the single circuits. I also installed a Tii exhaust system for more of a OEM look. 





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Fixed a loose muffler hanger.

Installed a subwoofer + Bolt On Bliss enclosure under the rear seat - highly recommended!

Continued my timing/engine performance tweaking/learning... getting close to final (I hope).

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On 10/3/2020 at 11:45 AM, roberttran said:

I think I finally found how my spare tire well is getting filled up with water during rain. 

Water spraying in from rust hole behind rear left wheel. Tire well fills up after an hour of driving in the rain. 





While you're in there, take a look under the carpet covering the suspension turrets. You never know what may be hiding under there.

Here was mine........now fixed.




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