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What did you do to your 2002 today !

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On 6/26/2020 at 9:29 AM, uai said:

been on the scales - could have saved my time. Apart from disconnecting and re-connecting swaybars no adjustments necessary. Already hit the spot.




Nice work. And, very typical - in my experience - of a 2002 .. right rear corner is always light. -KB

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My view today here at Mid-America in Eureka Springs, Arkansas 

Glass man showed up and installed front and rear with no problems in and out in two hours...couple more days and I’ll be at the finish line.

Couple days late to post but the Touring arrived after its 2 month journey from Italy.          

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Had fun doing Autocross - COVID socially distanced edition.


Also replaced my trans mount. Not much left of the old one. Made a noticeable difference!!!


My gas pedal fell off on the first run... the rubber is too cracked and bent and no longer snaps strong enough onto the balls on the floor. The pedal got lodged in such a way as to force the TB open for a few seconds causing some slight panic!!!


The circlip retaining my seat back popped out on the second run while going around a corner and it fell backward out from under me. Finished the pass OK though.


Woweee what a fun day, but some on-the-fly fixes kept me goin a couple more runs. Going to address both of these issues such that they won’t happen again... It was pretty funny.





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Worked on some rust areas this morning.  Actually, most of the day was spent replacing a clutch cable on my 63 Karmann Ghia as it broke on my way to the auto part store, Tomorrow, I'll keep on with the spot repairs as long as the vw doesn't brake.


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Last Fri I glued in the firewall pad. Tonight I repaired and re-wrapped most of the engine bay wiring. Glued the exterior pad to the pedal box, installed the coil/ballast resistor/relay, pedal box/booster/bracket. I’m quite pleased w/ my progress. Looking forward to brake lines and other next time. 



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Alternator crapped itself on a f/i car. Had new (rebuild) one in self but it had rubber bushes. Took them of and turned new from mild steel. Put old piston pin clips for clips on those :) Didn't have time to make any fancy hipo lite parts so i'm set for race weekend.

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First "walk" of my Tii after 5 years of deep surgery. She still needs some assistance to move (engine and gear box not ready yet) but she appreciated some fresh air and natural light after that loooong confinement. Next step: complete the body painting.




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