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What did you do to your 2002 today !

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My view today here at Mid-America in Eureka Springs, Arkansas 

Glass man showed up and installed front and rear with no problems in and out in two hours...couple more days and I’ll be at the finish line.

Couple days late to post but the Touring arrived after its 2 month journey from Italy.          

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Thought, well if the console is going back in better fit my rebuilt heater

5B43686A-E944-4C04-9203-CBA27AD212FC.jpegThen thought well I’d better sort the plenum rust and paint it.

2847E203-AEFA-4026-AEA5-7048FA15E057.jpegThen thought I may as well clean up and fix my Tii air filter, and paint the mounting tabs on the body, they always get chipped (I will do that paint tomorrow)9E2767FF-0E18-4E6D-86B5-0050D6EB2F31.jpeg

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Solid turnout this morning for our ATX 2002 and Vintage BMW C&C.  We’ve cancelled the last two months event due to the pandemic and decided to give it a try this month with social distancing encouraged.  Had 4 drive in from San Antonio, 1 from Bryan and 1 from Dallas.  Already looking forward to next months event! 







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37 minutes ago, zinz said:

Started off pouring on us, but ended up being a beautiful morning with a lot of cars showing up to our monthly C&C. 


Barney’s AC system is incredible, by the way. 

Ed Z

It must be if it dried up all that rain!

Barney that colour.... those wheels ....just lovely!

Mind you that Black car with the sunroof isn’t to shabby either!!

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This week I received the reproduction doorskins from Jaymic in th UK.

Very pleased with the result, however the pocket for the door handle could have been formed a little bit better.

I'm not sure if I'll leave it like this or cut out the original section from the old skins, any suggestions/input?








I also planished the rain tray a little more, added the original wiring clips back.

(After talking to a 02 owner in Belgium, he send me pictures of his rain tray and on this the same clips are used like I'm making at the moment.) On mine they are a little narrower + longer.


First I spot welded the speed nuts plates on the back, these are used to fix the hinge plate for the throttle on the carb.





Carefully removed the paint and added some weld thru primer where the clips need to be spotwelded







On the back side of the rain tray (the side facing the firewall) there is some small step between the original piece and the repair panel I welded in. This is mainly because of the thickness of the plates. However, I remembered taking of the original sound deadning and turns out it'll cover this step. It's hard to see on photo though





I also prepared the underside of the hood latch panel with weld through primer where I need to spotweld the panels together.





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Just got back from letting my 18 year old daughter drive a stick shift for her first time in my 02.  She's been begging me to teach her, and my response has always been, no honey not in my 02.  She just graduated HS, been a tough year for seniors, and will be moving away to college this Fall.  I got to thinking, I can always get a new clutch, but I can't get back this time with her.  

She did okay, few stalls, few chirps, taught her the virtues of the RPM gauge. I think she's already posted it on her social media. We're going to keep practicing, what a great Father's Day!. 

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