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Advice on a 'garden find'

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I have the differential on the bench, as mentioned earlier in this thread, the car suffered a rear axle fire back in the day. 

It's been repaired since then, but witness marks on the LSD carrier indicate that the pinion spacer collapsed and the pinion ran against the carrier doing some damage:



The pinion must have been replaced when the damage was repaired as there's no sign of damage there, and no swarf in the case....


The crown wheel and pinion are the correct type, 37 teeth & 11 teeth, 3.36 - agreeing with case stamping:IMG_20190825_072306-1587x1190.thumb.jpg.d0ca2d574e84437d023df0fe3c4aa925.jpg


I dismantle the LSD carrier because there's no friction: I can turn the output shafts in opposite directions with ease.


Inside I find the clutches worn, but the eared friction disc and the 'splined' friction disc are assembled in the wrong order, here's the stack as removed, outermost at back:


(Parts 3,5,4,6,7) [both sides of the stack were in the same wrong order.]


If I refer to the parts diagram I see parts 4&5 are in the wrong order:



As a result, part 3 - the steel ring spacer- is badly scored.


I have Spares for parts 4&5, it seems part 3 is available from W&N.


Are there any other parts I should inspect for 'special wear' caused by this previous wrong assembly of the LSD stack?

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It's on its wheels..drivetrain will be installed October.... Assuming I can fix the diff by then..

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