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Oil Pump Installation

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MH, You may want to start a new topic for the alternator, it's hiding now as an oil pump topic.

There definitely is something missing there or the alternator is not correct. There should be no free play for the altenator to move like that.  I don't recall whether a spacer goes in there, or if the alternator mount is normally wide enough to fill the gap.

There are urethane alternator bushing kits that have been mentioned before, and I believe your friends at IE are one source for them. Looks like someone did some weight removal on that bracket, wonder what that's all about?

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17 minutes ago, Buckeye said:

To me that is not correct support bracket



Supporting bracket    12318602032    


Looks like MH has the wrong bracket.


btw, I believe that bracket is used on '74 tiis only. My '72 had a mount cast into the timing chain cover that failed, and I was able to switch it to the bracket shown upon the advice of Mr. Fahuna.

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I had my suspicions on this so thank you for confirming!  Any recommended source for the proper alternator?  I read scores of posts of alternative brand alternators and would welcome any thoughts on a replacement.  Thank you for your help, too, Preyupy!!!



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This vendor has mixed reviews.  Some say crap.  Others have had no issues. At least you can see the difference in the mount.


If you can find a decent core, an auto-electric shop can rebuild for approx $200-350, I believe.





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