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On mine (an E30 version) I replaced the input and output shaft seals and the shift selector shaft seal.

The fluid came out clean and it shifts into all gears. That doesn't tell you a lot but I too, have a couple of spares in case.

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Thanks for the info Preyupy.  Unfortunately I don't have the transmission in my possession.  Trying to work with the seller to get some more information on it.  I'll see if I can get some more picture

By looking at the first picture I get a feeling that it's the wrong bellhousing type - not fitting m10. Can't be sure but measuring the distance between the top bolt holes would tell.

You know, Tommy, if we're going by instinct and familiarity ("feelings" around here are an apology for not wanting to actually have to say something definitive, or being too much of a bearde

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So are you asking if its the same bolt pattern as an M10?

Measure centerline distance between the 2 bolt holes on the flat section, has to be 12cm to fit an M10

The 2 ears on top indicate it fits an M42/ M40 and wont fit an M10.

Measure it to be sure


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M40 is the same architecture as M42, just has a single cam. 


Also to answer a question previously mentioned in the thread, VIN tags were added to body panels, bumper reinforcements, cylinder heads and transmissions for the 1987 model year in the US and that lasted through the end of E36 production (actually the Z3, since that was the last E36).

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