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michael madsen

mfi l-jetronic

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I have now been trying to get me 02 started. i have put a e30 318i l-jetronic. This is what i have done so for: 
So here are the 9 wires that go to the round connector:
1. Black/yellow - Starter signal - Black on 02 engine loom. edit:black/white from 72/73 on, check colour at ignition switch. 
2. Green - Coil +ve - Green on 02, this is the wire that goes to the coil along the bulkhead. 
3. Brown/white - Temp sender - Brown/white or Brown/yellow on 02 engine loom. 
4. Brown/green - Oil pressure light - Brown/green on 02, on the bulkhead. 
5. Blue - ignition (charge) light - Blue on 02 engine loom.
6. Green/violet - Fuel pump +ve - Green/white on 02, follow this wire along your drivers side inner sill from the rear, it connects to the car loom near where the main harness goes through the bulkhead and on to the fuse box. Upgrade this connection, consider adding an inline fuse. 
7. Green/yellow - diagnostic socket - do not connect on 02
8. White/blue - diagnostic socket - do not connect on 02
9. White/black - diagnostic socket - do not connect on 02

Fuel pump relay:
Red - ecu/injection main power - battery +ve on 02. I mounted the fuel pump relay on the inner wing and had to extend this wire to the battery. Edit: some e30/28 looms connect this to +ve via the alternator, otherwise connect directly to the battery. 

Small 3 pin connector near ecu main plug, 3 wires. 
1. Green - ecu/main relay 'on' signal - Green on 02,from ignition switch. You can connect to the small 3 pin connector by the ecu, or connect into the same wire at the other end of the E30 loom near the fuel pump/main relay, and extend it to the fuse box and find an ignition +ve there. Must be +ve on start and on run. 
2. Black or Black/blue - rpm (tach) signal - small black on 02, coil -ve, you can extend the wire from the 3 pin connector to the tachometer connection on the cluster, or leave disconnected and leave the original tach wiring (black) from the 02 coil. 
3. Brown/yellow - do not connect on 02.

But motor starts and dies after 3-5 seconds? Have tried to put only green from small 3 pin by ECU together with green from ECU to the coil, still wont work? I have not connected green and black 02 wires to coil only the e30, what have i done wrong?


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