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RGB Caravan To Vintage 2017

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Hello RGB'ers and distinguished guests:


It's May and that can only mean one thing - everyone frantically tearing their cars apart and rebuilding them for the Vintage. While you're furiously swinging wrenches I've got a caravan route planned so you don't have to.  


The plan: We need to depart no later than Noon on Thursday 5/18. I plan on arriving at about 11 to grab a quick early lunch and gas up ahead of time.  The exit will have a Cracker Barrel, Waffle House, & McDonalds for your dining pleasure.This will be best/only lunch stop so best to plan to arrive with plenty of time before noon. Upon arrival, there is a large parking lot between the McDonalds and Gas station, so lets plan to meet there.

Again, I'd recommend planning to arrive by 11am, gas up upon arrival, then park in the big lot and meet up with everyone else for food etc.


Where to Meet: We will meet near Lexington, KY, specifically exit 115 KY 922 (Newtown Pike) on I-64 / I-75. 115 is the first exit after 64&75 merge together, but for those of you with GPS you can plug in the McDonald's address to find us -> 1946 Stanton Way, Lexington, KY 40511. Take a left off the exit and you'll see the restaurants on the right side of the street. Also, If anyone is coming from 'points beyond' and leaving earlier in the week & would like to join the caravan, there are several good hotel options off this exit.


The Route: >>>>>> https://goo.gl/maps/KZPeqdvGChH2 <<<<<<

We will take I-75 South to Corbin, then US-25E, then I-40 E to Asheville. It's the same route we took last year and was a really nice, easy, scenic drive. We will stop twice en route - once after we hit Corbin, KY/US-25E, and again about two hours later. This splits the trip into three sub two hour Legs and gives us the benefit of having pre-defined rally points. Last year we had 20+ cars and needed to stop multiple times waiting for those in the back of the group who got stuck at intersections or behind pace cars because we didn't have a definite route or rally points. This year we'll just keep going, allowing anyone who gets stuck to re-join the group at one of the pre-defined points , or to hustle down the road at their own pace.


What to do next:

1) Comment below if you're planning on caravaning with us, then shoot me a PM with what car you'll be driving (color/model/etc) and your best contact number.

         **I will compile a driver contact list and distribute to everyone when we meet in Lexington**

2) Get excited, tell your friends, finish building your car.

3) Pack walkie talkies if you have them - really useful during the caravan & on site on saturday - there is no cell service.


The journey to vintage is half the fun, and last year's caravan was an absolute blast. You do not want to miss out this year.  Feel free to PM/Call/Smoke signal me with any questions or concerns.

8 Days!


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There will be a meet up at the I-75/I-71 Rest Area exit just north of Frogtown Road near the split-off for I-71 in N. KY. When I say near, I mean that it is north of that split-off. We will be there by 9:45 on Thursday. So far it will be me, Mike Self and Dohn Roush making up the initial caravan to that point. That means that you will see at minimum a Sahara roundie, a Zinnoberrot E30 and a Schwarz 3.0 coupe at the Rest Area... Feel free to message me or call me if you would like to meet up.  (937-479-9794)  We will be heading further south to rendezvous with Jake Metz and others near Lexington, KY. (Exit 115, KY 922 - Newtown Pike) It is the first exit after I-64 & I-75 merge. We met last year on the McDonald's lot at 1946 Stanton Way, Lexington, KY  40511. We will meet there again. There are other choices besides Mickey-D's near that lot, btw. (gas stations, too!)


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