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Euro BBS Mahle 15" rubbing in rear, need help

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I'm running BBS Mahle 15" on hankook 195/50/15. I love the stance. Fronts are great. I get slight rub when going over bumps. Are there any springs that can tighten up my rear. I really want to keep the wheels. Fenders aren't rolled and I don't think that will help much. And ideas. 





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What are the offsets if the wheels?  Widths?  Are they rubbing the outside on the fender or insinde?   From what it looks like in the pics they are probably 15x7 with offnset of et12-20. If that's the case other than fender rolling there isn't much you can do.  Those were probably made for an e21 BMW and so the offset pushes them out wider. 

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I'm thinking that these BBS Mahle wheels were sold to the E21 owners (ET12) so I would suggest you roll the fenders as a starting point. If you don't want to do that, try some 15" wheels with proper offset for a 2002 (ET 24-29 with ET 25 optimal for a 15X7 wheel) to see if the problem goes away. Been there, done that, I had some 15" Alpina replica wheels that were ET12. They looked awesome on my former tii but sold them due to the offset issue. Lesson learned, I now run 15X7 Centra ET25 wheels on my tii.



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