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Help! Grommet Holes in tii Brake Master Cylinder Too Big for Reservoir Tubes!

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I bought a new old stock tii brake master cylinder (part number 34311120478) off eBay that was about half the cost of a new one. I just got it installed in Louie, the '72 tii. All went well until I prepared to push the plastic angled tubes at the ends of the lines from the reservoir into the rubber grommets in the top of the master. I removed the plastic plugs from the grommets and found that the holes are much larger than the diameter of the plastic tubes. I looked at the old master and I now see that not only are the grommets in the new one much bigger, but the bosses they sit in are bigger. I also now see that the part number that was in the eBay auction, though correct for a tii brake master cylinder, is hand-written on the box.


Any ideas? The damned thing is paid for, non-returnable, and installed. Are there different versions of these that have larger grommets? What do they fit? Can I retrofit grommets with smaller holes, or thicker plastic angled tubes? (Yeah, yeah, I know; that's what I get from buying on eBay.)






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They sell other sizes that will fit as the poster above states.  When I converted my 69 a few years ago I had to buy a different grommet.


The early masters were17x8, the e21 master was 22x12, I bought 22x8 part number 34 31 1 121 911

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