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Anyone here have an AC Floor Jack?


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I dont, but would like one. They are used by all the tyre fitting places round here.


I do have a knock of copy of the AC Hydraulic DK20HLQ. http://www.ac-hydraulic.dk/en/products/hydraulic-jacks/ My one complaint is that, though it has a low entry, it very quickly become a high entry, so I always have to use it with a block to stop the arm contacting the sills first. 


I think that there are more practical and much cheaper low entry trolley jacks out there.



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The long-reach low-rise high-lift  AC Hydraulic DK13HLQ jack used to be the only game in town if you had a low car and needed to skooch below the air dam and reach the front crossmember. They were always expensive, but then the exchange rate pushed them out of sight, and vendors stopped carrying them. Then, as is the trend, Chinese-made versions appeared, so you no longer had (or have) to pay nearly $600.


Nonetheless, when I had both my Z3 M Coupe (still have) and my Porsche 911SC (now gone), both low cars, when a DK13HLQ appeared on eBay 20 miles from my house with a $350 BIN and local pickup only, I jumped on it. It is a very nice, very high-quality jack, and I love having it in the garage. Plus, whenI had the 911SC, and before I had the mid-rise lift, the 29" lifting height of the jack was what was necessary to drop the 911's engine.


For a 2002, of course, you don't need either the low rise, the long reach, or the high lift.


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I bought a DK13HLQ back in 2003, and love it.  It was expensive then, and is ridiculous now, but man, what a jack!  It is robust, rebuildable, and dependable.  It fits under the air dam of my lowered 2002 and e28 535is with track suspensions, and every other car I own or have owned.  I've always thought it was my alternative to a 2-post lift.  But it is expensive, and hard to justify.  But I'd buy it again in a heartbeat after using one for the last 13 years.

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